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Episode 3: As an outsider in a foreign country, how much can you really know a place and its people?

Episode 2: What do terrorism, trees, and lighthouses have in common? 

Episoode 1: Where does grief end and life begin? 

"The Visitors" series

Art expert Susie Kahlich and I explore the weird world of art.

For the third episode, we venture into the heart of Berlin to visit Australian photographer Anne Zahalka's photo exhibit at Jarvis Dooney Galerie in Mitte, run by gallerist Michael Dooney.


The second episode takes us to Kreuzberg's 'Berlin con mucho arte' gallery to chat with artist Jerry Kowalski about his two-room show, featuring life-size, handmade trees and a liberal use of pink. 




In the first episode, we visit artist Philip Newcombe's exhibition at Åplus gallery in Berlin.



Clear your mind, close your eyes, and let the stories make pictures for you.

Video art

Audio-video installation by Artipoeus, featured at LOST – 48hr Art Festival at Willner Brauerie in Berlin. 
(45 minute looped video.) 

Play. Fight. Be still. 

movement play

Promotional video for Movement Play workshops by movement practitioner & martial arts expert, Benjamin Joon. 


How can we use creative expression to move through challenges in life and go deeper into our creative practices? 

Creative Empathy

I talk about how to deepen your artistic practice through different creative meditations.

Embodied mindfulness coach Luise Jorgensen shares her tips for mindful walking. 

Newly certified DANCEmandala facilitator, Anna, shares her passion for this practice. 


Promotional video for mindfulness coach, Luise Jorgensen. We created a guide for mindful walking to help Luise's clients feel connected by simply putting one foot in front of the other.




Dance mandala

Promotional video for DANCEmandala, an authentic movement practice originally founded in Thailand by Areeradh AK Tri-Siddha. It's now practiced around the world by an international group of trained facilitators. This video is part of an 8-part promotional series.

Discover why people from around the world are loving DANCEmandala!

Promotional video for DANCEmandala. 

  • This video is part of an 8-part promotional series.


“What I loved about working with Kimberly was the ease of being filmed, it all felt so comfortable, that what I wanted to portray in the short film was beautifully understood and captured. The essence of ideas were completely aligned and that makes collaboration such a joyful experience. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction when I watched what Kimberly had been produced.”

— Sue James, Shake London (Britain)
“Working with Kimberly has been a precious, learning and wonderful experience about sharing, and collaborating. I am very grateful to her. I felt that she offers a lot of flexibility, freedom, listening, guidance if needed, and support. Her work is also really well done, she is efficient, structured and creative. I recommend to collaborate with her for photo shoots and short videos.” 
— Jehanne Fima, DANCEmandala (France)
“Working with Kimberly was a wonderful and happy experience. The shoot was absorbing, her gaze through the camera was as if she were dancing with me. I felt like I could be my true self and show her my inner world. The images show my many different sides shining brightly.” 
— Ji Yong, dancer (South Korea) 
“Kimberly is gifted in capturing authenticity, energy, & emotion. She created a short movie for me where the images, words, and music are spot on and flow together harmoniously; a combination that touches. She creates videos that the viewer can unwrap for themselves...”
— Susan Bronkhurst, Biodanza (Netherlands)