Published in Photojournale, Huffington Post, Start Journal, among others. 
Featured in books & magazines (Ebifananyi, The Kindcraft, etc.)
Exhibited in Berlin, Netherlands, Chiang Mai, Vancouver.

Documenting arts & culture at:

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“Kimberly Bryant is an excellent photographer with passion and patience. She is very open and easy-going to collaborate with, full of ideas and flexibility for each model and each situation. From my personal experience working with her, the end results were always satisfying. Each time, I’m impressed with the serene sense of color she has and it adds a great value and uniqueness to her photography. They are refined and dynamic. The combination of these two pulls out what is hidden in me as a model and a collaborator!”
— Sachie Tsuyuki (Japan)
“Kimberly is an image wizard. She takes the seemingly ordinary and brings out its gold. I felt so comfortable working with her, guided and supported by her professional presence. In the exploration session she asked useful questions to uncover what I was looking for and once set in motion she grasped my vision clearly. With competence, high aesthetics and creativity she brought it into life exceeding my expectations. I couldn’t wait to share the video and images!”
— Luise Jorgensen (Denmark)
“Kim’s creativity, enthusiasm and willingness to work together brings a wonderful flair to her work and achieves amazing results. She makes it easy, comfortable and fun to be in front of her camera, I was very grateful to have her support and encouragement. Thank you.”
— Anna Mullholland (New Zealand)

Kim is such a talented photographer! I’m so happy with the results of our shootings. With natural light and shadow, Kim catches amazing moments in movements and makes everything look more vivid! I would love to work with her again.
— Ivy Li Ping
“Kimberly’s ability to spontaneously take perfectly composed photos is founded on her openness, talent, experience, and intuition. It is always a pleasure working with her.”
— Gerald Blomeyer (Germany)