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Loves modern art, everyday moments, cinema, travel, interviewing creative professionals, and stepping outside comfort zones... 

Always making pictures – still & moving

Helps clients solve problems: available for photography, video, writing, editing, consulting. 

Written over 2,000 articles online; published in places like The Huffington Post, Start Journal, and Photojournale; a former regular contributor at Ignite Channel. 

Lived in 5 countries, motorcycled in places I probably shouldn't have. Currently collaborating with Berlin-based arts organizations Artipoeus, Hangar 1The Kollectiv, Singe, and tech startup WorldBrain.

I work with artists, startups, and companies to bring their ideas to life through writing, photography, and video.  

“Kim was the official photographer at an event that we organized for 60 people. It was an absolutely great experience to work with her - she was adaptable, flexible, creative and very reliable and dedicated. She also showed rich experience in working on events and with groups - the event was for 3 days and in a mix of diverse indoor and outdoor spaces - and she was quick in creating the best environment and atmosphere for photos, and being always present in the right moment. Last but not least, she provided photos very quick after the event, and they were absolutely great! I would highly recommend working with Kim.”
— Mirna Smidt, Hive Leadership Conference (Berlin)
“Kimberly is an image wizard. She takes the seemingly ordinary and brings out its gold. I felt so comfortable working with her, guided and supported by her professional presence. In the exploration session she asked useful questions to uncover what I was looking for and once set in motion she grasped my vision clearly. With competence, high aesthetics and creativity she brought it into life exceeding my expectations. I couldn’t wait to share the video and images!”
— Luise Jorgensen, Mindfulness Coach (Denmark)

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Fashion shoot for Kimonomono, Berlin

Fashion shoot for Kimonomono, Berlin

Phayao, Northern Thailand / "Motorcycling Northern Thailand" article

Phayao, Northern Thailand / "Motorcycling Northern Thailand" article

DANCEmandala founder, Areeradh K-Trisiddha

DANCEmandala founder, Areeradh K-Trisiddha

Buikwe, Uganda / "Challenges and Smiles" photo essay

Buikwe, Uganda / "Challenges and Smiles" photo essay

Collaboration with artists Ivy Li & Kaitlyn Parker, Berlin

Collaboration with artists Ivy Li & Kaitlyn Parker, Berlin

“Working with Kimberly was a wonderful and happy experience. The shoot was absorbing, her gaze through the camera was as if she were dancing with me. I felt like I could be my true self and show her my inner world. The images show my many different sides shining brightly.”
— Ji Yong, dancer (South Korea)
“Kim’s creativity, enthusiasm and willingness to work together brings a wonderful flair to her work and achieves amazing results. She makes it easy, comfortable and fun to be in front of her camera, I was very grateful to have her support and encouragement. Thank you.”
— Anna Mullholand, DANCEmandala (New Zealand)
“Kim is such a talented photographer! I’m so happy with the results of our shootings. With natural light and shadow, Kim catches amazing moments in movements and makes everything look more vivid! I would love to work with her again.”
— Ivy Li Ping, body painter (Berlin)

“Working with Kimberly has been a precious, learning and wonderful experience about sharing, and collaborating. I am very grateful to her. I felt that she offers a lot of flexibility, freedom, listening, guidance if needed, and support. Her work is also really well done, she is efficient, structured and creative. I recommend to collaborate with her for photo shoots and short videos.”
— Jehanne Fima, DANCEmandala (France)
“Fantastic photographer, lovely person with great energy :) Highly recommend!”
— Olla Jongerius, Kontist (Berlin)
“Kimberly Bryant is an excellent photographer with passion and patience. She is very open and easy-going to collaborate with, full of ideas and flexibility for each model and each situation. From my personal experience working with her, the end results were always satisfying. Each time, I’m impressed with the serene sense of color she has and it adds a great value and uniqueness to her photography. They are refined and dynamic. The combination of these two pulls out what is hidden in me as a model and a collaborator!”
— Sachie Tsuyuki, Thai Qi Holistics (Japan)


“What I loved about working with Kimberly was the ease of being filmed, it all felt so comfortable, that what I wanted to portray in the short film was beautifully understood and captured. The essence of ideas were completely aligned and that makes collaboration such a joyful experience. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction when I watched what Kimberly had been produced.”
— Sue James, Shake London (UK)
“Kimberly’s ability to spontaneously take perfectly composed photos is founded on her openness, talent, experience, and intuition. It is always a pleasure working with her.”
— Gerald Blomeyer, MindTraining (Berlin)
“Kimberly is gifted in capturing authenticity, energy, & emotion. She created a short movie for me where the images, words, and music are spot on and flow together harmoniously; a combination that touches. She creates videos that the viewer can unwrap for themselves...”
— Susan Bronkhurt, Biodanza (Netherlands)


movement, arts and culture, documentary, branding

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“I can’t say enough good things about Kim’s work. Bright, articulate, and strives for perfection in all she does. Her outgoing and creative nature, and focus on healthy communication and nurturing a supportive environment, makes her a great leader and manager. I highly recommend her!”
— Alex Rolland, CTOAM (Canada)
“I whole-heartedly recommend Kimberly Lauren Bryant! She is a top-notch wordsmith and, as a practising creative, is also deeply knowledgeable about the arts and visual literacy. We so appreciate the toolbox she’s able to bring to our work. On top of her many skills, she is organized, respectful, timely and friendly. We feel she’s our secret weapon for a lot of our behind-the-scenes work. She has become an invaluable part of our team – even across the miles.”
— Justine Murdy, Scrap Arts Music (Canada)
“Kimberly and I worked together on my movie set for 3 days. She is an incredibly talented photographer and managed to capture every moment perfectly! The depth of color, the amazing control of light and the perfect timing made every shot a true masterpiece. She always showed up on time and was quick at delivering the content. I highly recommend her and can’t wait to work on new projects together.”
— Hashem Al-Ghaili, Facebook video influencer (Berlin)

All photography, text, and video by Kimberly Lauren Bryant ©2018
Cover photo: Cédric Lecat ©2018