Mastering Photography | visual basics

This is a half day workshop (4 hrs) for Berliners and travellers who want to improve their photography and understand the basics of visual language.

This is a great workshop for you if…

  • you want to improve your photos

  • you post on instagram and other social channels and want more engagement and followers

  • you want to take better photos of yourself

  • you feel unsure about your skills as a photographer and want to improve

  • you feel frustrated when you take photos

  • you think your photos are good but could be better

  • you want to get more out of your trips

  • you’re sick of having to rely on your one photographer friend to take pictures and send them to you

  • you want to feel more confident with your phone camera

  • you want to feel more confident with your dslr or film camera

  • you want to feel more inspired to take photos

  • you feel overwhelmed taking photos and want it to feel easy

  • you want to learn to appreciate photography more

  • you want to be able to read images like a designer