Mastering the Creative Process

For Artists

Half day (3 hour) workshop for artists and creative entrepreneurs who want to be more productive, creative, and joyful in their creative output and career.

This is for you if…

  • you struggle with getting things done

  • feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do

  • are unsure how to optimize your social media

  • feel stressed about not making enough money with your art

  • have a project you want to finish and just can’t seem to get there

  • are struggling to make decisions about your work or career and want to feel clearer

  • want to have a clear plan for your life moving forward

  • want more balance between your creative work and financial situation

  • are unsure how much longer you can keep doing this

  • can’t seem to make a decision on simple business related things

Mastering the Creative Process

For businesses & companies

Half day (3 hour) workshop for employees (of ALL levels) at startups and companies who want to accomplish projects more efficiently, creatively, and joyfully.

This is a great workshop for your company or startup if…