Leila Portrait Session

Leila found me from a google serach online looking for a portrait photographer. We got along well and I understood what she was looking for: branding images to go on her website and shots that she could use for social media posts. This is really different than just getting a headshot done.

I almost never do headshot only shoots anymore because for me they’re just too boring. And, imo, it’s so much more helpful for the person to come away with a variety of images of themselves that they can use for whatever purposes in future – as opposed to a few versions of the same above the torso headshot for a profile picture or resume.

So instead of headshots, I’ve been offering longer portrait sessions. This includes a consultation, a 1.5 - 2hr shoot on location (ideally outside in a few different spots nearby each other), and then a final selection of 25+ hi-res, fully edited images.

I usually encourage people to bring at least two outfits so we can capture a few different looks. Sometimes we shoot indoors, too, if the lighting is good. My goal is always to capture a person’s true energy, along with the feeling they want to convey.


It’s so fun to have someone else shoot me for a change…like many photographers, I run into the issue of never being in any pictures myself, since I’m always the one taking them. But on a recent birthday trip to Poland, I was lucky to get some great shots taken by one of my fave photogs, Cedric Lecat. It’s always nice to get to see yourself through someone else’s eyes and lens…