What’s a Creatual? 

A modern, creative ritual for a personal or corporate setting that integrates new habits and perspectives into everyday life.  

Berlin based company @Idealo asked Creatuals founder Meike Ziegler to create a unique ritual for their 18 year business anniversary celebration. I had the chance to film and photograph the event in June. We started the day at Huxley's Neue Welt with some inspiring talks from Idealo leaders, plus the first part of the Creatual where employees wrote on bierdeckels what they most appreciated about working at Idealo. We ended up at Badeschiff in the evening with sand underfoot and part two of the Creatual taking place – everyone had a chance to read each other's bierdeckels – as people ate, drank, and socialized. 

See a short video from the day to get a glimpse into the 'Bierdeckel' Creatual: 

A peek into 'Bierdeckels', a unique Creatual designed for Idealo’s 18 years celebration.

Some photos from the day see the full collection here.