KRAVT Gallery: Sebastian Schmidt Opening, “Missiles”

When people walked into the opening of Sebastian Schmidt’s exhibit “Missiles”, at KRAVT – a new gallery in Mitte – the first word out of their mouths were usually some iteration of “wow”. I wasn’t surprised; the large scale prints, beautifully framed, were aesthetically impressive no matter what your taste in art. The framing was also extremely well done and the gallery space itself matched the pieces perfectly, which is not always the case at shows.

But I think the main reason for the “wow” viewer response is because the pieces themselves are instantly hard to grasp. It’s unclear what exactly they are. The prints are so pristine and so large and the subject matter is surreal: real life beautiful missiles.

Except they’re not real life, their 3D printed. Ah ha! The trick is revealed. Obviously there’s a lot of context living beneath the surface of these prints and you really must read the accompanying text to begin to understand the full scope. The opening was a lovely evening, with a very classy crowd reflective of the artist and gallery owner (Jan Schulz Berners), both kind professionals who were a real pleasure to work with. Check out Sebastian’s work here and see the full image collection here.