KRAVT Gallery: Art Week Opening

It’s always nice to shoot the same place more than once. The first time everything is new and unknown, you need to be on your toes and adapt to whatever happens.

You need to do everything quickly: figure out the lighting situation, learn the people, where you should be, how to maneuver in the space without drawing attention to yourself, get a sense of what the general energy is and how you can best fit in. Is it appropriate for you to be part of the event, or better to be invisible? It differs depending on the situation.

My attitude is always that my number one goal is to add a positive energy to the event and the photos are secondary. Experience is more important than the images. And, having said that, it just so happens that when you put positive energy first, the photos you capture are better anyway. So everyone wins.

Photographing the Art Week opening at KRAVT was more relaxed for me than my first time shooting there, of course, because I already knew the people and the space. It was a cool event because it drew more of the art / hipster crowd than the other opening I shot there earlier that month. So the clothing and people were a little more interesting to shoot, aesthetically.